Mr. Craig B. Peterson is an 8-time serial entrepreneur, soon to be 10-time entrepreneur, and 29-year Intel Corporation veteran. He is currently CEO & Founder of the following three companies: 1) VIZN Gaming™ Corporation, developer of UltraVR™ which real-time converts the last 30 years of video games and metaverses into 360 3D VR with 8X more detail than possible with conventional VR using a new type of A.I neural net technology), 2) Aurra™ Corporation which has two product lines: a) HologramWalls™ – large-scale no-glasses 3D holographic-like LED walls which create this experienVIZNce from ordinary 2D video content in real-time, and b) the world’s largest and most advanced virtual production studio chambers that can reduce cost per minute by up to 90%, and can quickly convert movies produced into video games and metaverse experiences, and 3) VEFXi™ Corporation which develops PCB products and later microchips with its patented new-type of Artificially Intelligent neural-net-based video processing technology which converts ordinary 2D video to no-glasses 3D, VR, & AR video with highest real-time quality in the industry.

Mr. Peterson has a history of creating multiple disruptive technologies that helps industries leap ahead. During his Intel tenure, Mr. Peterson created three new startups including one which changed the direction of the entire supercomputer industry by developing the world’s fastest supercomputer. This became the original core of the Enterprise business which is now the third largest and most profitable business at Intel.

Mr. Peterson is currently driving the creation of a VR 2.0 standard which can deliver 360 VR video experiences that are many times higher resolution than even possible with the best VR technology today leaping ahead of the industry’s current direction by more than a decade. Virtual every electronics device on the planet contains things that Mr. Peterson invented or incorporates his industry firsts. The design of virtually every digital electronics device today uses technology derived from Mr. Peterson’s industry first design technology innovations.