Mr. Yizhe Wang is the Managing Director of Super Acquisition Fund Department II of China Everbright Limited. He is responsible for making decisions in Semiconductor, Microchip and Artificial Intelligence private equity investment. Yizhe was the general manager at EverBright Prestige Capital Co., and strived to lead EverBright Prestige Capital’s Asset Under Management amount from 70 billion RMB to more than 100 billion RMB over two years, initiate multiple financial product lines, establish and manage a series of China Real Estate Opportunity Funds of China Everbright Limited, and conduct equity investment projects with the amount of over 10 billion RMB. He was the Managing Director of Everbright Ashmore Investment, the Executive Director of Citic Credit Prosperity Fund and the General Manager Assistant in FOTIC. He graduated from Tsinghua University with master degree of computer science. Mr. Wang has more than 15-year investment and financing experience in real estate and private equity industries.