SNA has three committees – Technology & Innovation Committee, Industry & Entrepreneurship Committee, and Membership, Promotion & Events Committee to support the alliance’s goals through various types of work and activities.

Technology & Innovation Committee

The Technology & Innovation Committee aims at driving innovations and technological development in various semiconductor fields. It builds and enhances productive relationship between different partners to produce enormous synergies.

Committee Members

Industry & Entrepreneurship Committee

The Industry & Entrepreneurship Committee serves as an all-in-one platform to connect the start-ups, enterprises, and investors. It sheds light on the latest industry trends and technologies to help members to explore the vast business opportunities.

Committee Members

Membership, Promotion & Events Committee

The Membership, Promotion & Events Committee is committed in improving member services and connections, as well as reflecting members’ views to the government. It aims to pursue the common interests of the members and increase their global competitiveness.

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