Microelectronics White Paper

With an aim to elevate Hong Kong’s position as a regional hub of microelectronics, a “Microelectronics White Paper” has been prepared to highlight the international leading position of microelectronic research in Hong Kong and provide suggestions to the HKSAR Government for continued support and investment in microelectronics. It is a collective effort of over 50 well-known field experts and industry leaders. We hope it would be useful for the HKSAR Government to formulate future policies to foster the microelectronics development and seize the opportunity to take the pole position in the global race in microelectronics. In this whitepaper, several important sections of microelectronics will be discussed. Research trends and recent work in each section will be briefly introduced. More important, related work from local companies and universities will be summarized and compared to global status of each section. Local companies and universities have shown strong competitive research capability in microelectronics technology, especially in advanced packaging and 3D IC, silicon photonics, and wide band gap materials. In the meanwhile, continued support and investment are essential to maintain the research capability and advocated innovations in microelectronics, especially in this period with uncertain and variable global environment. For further information, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].