SNA exchanged Microelectronics and Innovative Technology Advantages with Nanan Officials Delegation

Semiconductor Nanotechnology Alliance (SNA) is honourable to welcome and exchange with Mr. Wang Lianzan, Mayor of Nanan and his delegation from Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office and other departments, the in-depth communication is beneficial to further strengthen economic and trade cooperation between Nanan and Hong Kong and explore mutual opportunities in microelectronics and innovative technology.

In early February 2023, Mayor Wang led delegation from Nanan to visit business leaders, technology experts and young entrepreneurs in Hong Kong and Macau to develop market and investment opportunities. Mayor Wang conveyed the greetings from Nanan citizens and invited entrepreneurs in Hong Kong to visit and develop collaboration in Nanan.

Dr. Meikei Ieong, Founding Chairman and Dr. Ryan Chung, Co-Chair of Membership, Promotion & Events Committee expressed thankful gratitude to Mayor Wang and shared Hong Kong’s advantages for development, “Hong Kong is a part of the Greater Bay Area and adjacent to the mainland China, which has great advantages in chip design and sales. The local universities have abundant resources and high academic standards, that have nurtured lots of industry talents.”

It is the perfect time for investors and business, from near to far, to come to Hong Kong and SNA is dedicated to promoting the city’s welcoming environment, committing opportunities, exciting and new developments with China and all over the world.

Nanan Officials Delegation and SNA explored microelectronics and innovation technology opportunities in Nanan and Hong Kong.
Mr. Wang Lianzan, Mayor of Nanan (second from left) and SNA.
Mayor Wang and SNA broaden collaboration prospects.
Dr. Ryan Chung, Co-Chair of Membership, Promotion & Events Committee shared Hong Kong’s advantages for development.