The Standard: Semiconductor Nanotechnology Alliance (SNA) promotes research and innovation in Hong Kong

Semiconductor Nanotechnology Alliance (SNA) and over 50 well-known field experts and industry leaders released the ‘Microelectronics White Paper’ which provides suggestions to the Government. SNA recently announced the White Paper to introduce microelectronics research status and competitiveness in Hong Kong and suggestions on infrastructure, talent development and commercialization.

The Semiconductor Nanotechnology Alliance (SNA) is an international non-profit organization with an aim to promote research and innovation in the field of micro- and nano-electronics, coordinate the efforts of academia, industry and public organizations and strengthen the competitiveness of the local microelectronics and nanoelectronics industry. The Alliance includes universities, industry leaders, investors, as well as local companies and associations. The SNA, together with the industry and universities including CityU, CUHK, HKU, HKUST and PolyU, jointly authored the ‘Microelectronics White Paper’ to highlight the importance and propose direction of microelectronics development in Hong Kong to the Government and other sectors.

Local companies and universities have shown strong competitive research capability in microelectronics technology, especially in advanced packaging, integrated circuit design, silicon photonics and wide band materials. The White Paper discusses several important sections of microelectronics, together with brief introductions to research trends and recent work. More importantly, related work from local companies and universities are summarized and compared to the global status.

With the rapidly rising popularity of consumer electronics, the microelectronic designs and chips required have become increasingly important in the global economy. The White Paper covers eleven research topics including Nanopatterning, Scaling of Semiconductor Devices, Advanced Packaging, Emerging Memory, In-memory Computing, Silicon Photonics, Wide Band Materials, Electronic Design Automation, Meta-devices, Intelligent Wearable and IC Design.

The White Paper recommends a need for the dedicated microelectronics research infrastructure is an essential element to accelerating the transformation and realization of research outcomes from universities and research institutes. Continued supportive research resources including critical research facilities, advanced fabrication processes and pilot scale of production, etc. It could minimize a gap between industry practice and research laboratory.

Meanwhile, more research talents and overseas companies will be attracted to invest and develop in Hong Kong. The ultimate goal to foster Hong Kong’s microelectronics development in the future and take the pole position in the global race in microelectronics can, therefore, be achieved.

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